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Recruitment open for all classes availible from 5:30PM - 9PM server at least one or two and up to five nights a week. We are currently running 10man ICC, 10 man TOGC regularly and running 25 man's with a few pugs, We are seeking a few more dedicated, reasonably well geared people who know their toon well to bring the 25's in as a fully in guild run.
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  Art of War is an alliance side raiding guild on the Echo Isles server (U.S.) that is dedicated to experiencing World of Warcraft's end-game content while creating a strong sense of teamwork and accomplishment.

  We strive to cater to our members unique play style and schedule.  As such, there is no attendance policy in place.  A member may show up as much or as little as they like. 

  While we are not considered a hardcore guild, we do expect hardcore participation on raid night.  Members are expected to meet gear requirements for the raid they will be attending. Do not sign up for a run without meeting those requirements unless given a waiver by the raid leader.  Also, boss fights are to be read, studied or watched before the encounter.  You are expected to be on-time with all consumables required for your class/role.  Paying attention during a raid is crucial.  While we do cut up while clearing trash or waiting, do not interrupt while strategies are being explained and assignments given.  Try to keep afk time to a minimum.  Raid leaders will call breaks when needed.

  The ultimate goal is to have fun in a mature and civil environment.
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Gadonis, Jan 30, 10 4:20 AM.
Art of War is currently seeking solid tanks and good raid healers for second 10 man ICC group & 25 Man ICC/TOGC. Superb players of any class or spec are always welcome. Art of War is a little different than most end game raiding guilds. We call ourselves casual progression, meaning we understand that many people have real life events that have to take priority over the game and there is no attendance requirements at all. All members are allowed to talk in vent. We do not harp on people for simple mistakes (though do expect them to learn from those mistakes). We are a friendly, somewhat rowdy, mature raiding environment that remembers that everyone is a real person. This does not mean we take progression lightly though, come raid time we expect people able to attend, to be on their best toon, with supplies, having reviewed the fights, and ready to do anything they can to advance the raid. We were 8th guild on server to clear first wing of ICC so we must be doing something right.  If this sounds like the environment for you go ahead and fill out an app on top left of site.


Gadonis, Oct 22, 09 4:08 AM.
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